High-Visibility Custom Branded Insulated Blankets



Calgary City Centre Office Tower is a 1.2 Million square foot, a 36-floor office tower in Calgary’s Eau Claire district. At the time of completion, it was one of the first buildings in Canada to be LEED-certified.

Rogers Place, located in downtown Edmonton is home to the Edmonton Oilers, Oil Kings, and a world-class concert venue. The 1.1 million square foot facility was built over 30 months with the project being completed in September 2016.

One of North America's largest construction companies
Custom system was mobile, allowed easy access and was branded to fit company colors


  • Completing two major construction projects in a busy, downtown setting.

  • Keeping workers, bystanders, and nearby properties safe.

  • Maintaining a safe operating temperature during winter months.


Norseman worked on a solution with the construction company to develop a system that would work year-round, keep their site safe, and operating optimally. The solution was a combination of Interlocking Hoarding Tarps, Debris Netting, and Insulated Blankets. The Interlocking Hoarding Tarp provided a temporary external barrier for the project. The Debris Netting prevented any tools or building materials from falling preventing potential damage to nearby properties or injuries to passersby. Lastly, Norseman provided Insulated Blankets to help keep the worksites at an optimal temperature during the cold winter months.


  • The custom-fabricated system allowed easy access control opening and closing portions of it to load and unload construction materials.

  • The mobile design of the system allowed it to be moved to higher floors as construction completed on the lower floors. This mobility minimized the amount of product needed for the project and the financial impact of the system.

  • The system was custom built in the company colours and served as a high-visibility identifier for each job site for the duration of the construction.


  • Debris Netting – Custom

  • Interlocking Hoarding Tarps – Custom

  • Insulated Blankets – Custom

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