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Custom Wash Bay Curtains

Custom Enclosure System For Rooftop Cooling Units


Create custom enclosure systems for rooftop cooling units.

Rental Company
Panels provide easy access, clear views and protection from over-spray


  • Small workspace

  • Need an area to wash vehicles

  • Prevent over spray in non-wash areas


Norseman created a multi-panel wash bay curtain system to separate each bay. The curtains were designed with two types of material a see-through window and a highly durable fabric.

The addition of the clear view window allows for added visibility between wash bays while still keeping the areas separated. This solution protects surrounding equipment from over spray and adds a factor of safety by having see-through panels in case of a slip and fall.


  • Custom-made multi-panel wash bays allow for easy access

  • Clear view window allows visibility into wash bay from other areas.

  • Moveable curtain gives the room flexibility


  • Custom 18 oz. vinyl FR with clear view window

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