Custom Fabric Solutions

Localized manufacturing and instant availability of proprietary materials will ensure your design is built-to-last, within your required time frame and budgetary requirements.


Each of our branches and distribution locations has its own unique capabilities and expertise in engineering and manufacturing. Our staff also has extensive knowledge of superior industrial fabric solutions.

Our customer support presence across Canada and the United States prioritizes direct access and support in front of the customer for all custom worksite protection projects,


We start by assessing your requirements, our team works closely with you to design and manufacture a custom solution to meet your business requirements.

We offer our customers diverse design and prototyping services, from product development and initial design to product modification and maintenance.


  • Design, install and everything in between

  • Identify the best solution to align to your requirements

  • Manufacture to customer's specifications or modify existing products

  • On-site measuring and technical support identify cost-saving solutions that won't compromise on protection

  • In-house designers and technical experts assist with material, hardware selection and manufacturing best practices

  • 3D prototyping, utilizing the latest modeling software

  • Extensive fabric supply network with domestic and import options

  • Quick estimates (usually within 24 hours)

  • Flexibility to tailor estimates to meet your design needs

  • Computer-controlled digital fabric cutting - reliable operating performance and precision cutting to eliminate wasted fabric

  • Industrial sewing specialties - Machines range from flatbed to off-arm, accommodating many different applications and techniques

  • Fabric welding - Multiple types of fabric welding available, including radio-frequency, hot-air and hot-wedge welding

  • In-house integrated and automated proprietary equipment - Lean manufacturing, keeping costs low and ensuring finished quality

  • All finished projects are inspected thoroughly before delivery to customers

Arctic Hyprene™
Norseman's proprietary extreme-cold-weather fabric
PVC vinyl
Wide range of performance qualities. Weight options: 10 oz - 24 oz
Woven coated polyethylene (PE)
Tear and puncture resistant. Weight options: 4.4 oz - 12 oz
PVC mesh fabric
Open weave, durable, flexible fabric
Treated with dry or wax-base finish. Untreated canvas weight: 7.4 oz - 18 oz. Available in 2-ply or 3-ply
Stocked ballistic nylon and standard nylon
Available in different deniers: 1000 denier - 1680 denier
High-temp silicone-coated fabric
100% fiberglass with silicone rubber coating. Temp range: -65°F - 500°F (-54°C - 260°C)
High-temp glass cloth
100% fiberglass that can withstand temperatures up to 1,000°F (537°C)



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